Micro Gearbox DC Motor Magnetic Encoder

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This is a DC motor with disc hall effect encoder for controlling position. Its metal gearbox ensure a high performance with long life time avoid tooth breaking. Among their features highlight the high torque, low heat and power losses. Popular dc motor in Electronic trains, DIY projects, little robots, tracking cars, balancing cars and others.

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Nominal DC Voltage Motor: 6 [V]

Nominal DC Voltage Encoder: 3.3 to 12 [V]

Current (Free-wheel):   50 [mA]

Current (With load):   150 [mA]

Current (Start/Blocked):   650[mA]

Power: 2 [W]

Speed (Free-wheel):  80 [rpm]

Speed (Nominal): 55 [rpm]

Torque (Nominal): 54 [mNm]


Length:   42 [mm] (total including encoder)

Width:   12 [mm]

Height:   10 [mm]

Shaft diameter:   3 [mm]

Weight: 14 [g]

Operating temperature: -30 to 110° Degree Celcius


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